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When it comes to luxury, being unique is what counts, not any comparison with a competitor. Luxury is the expression of a taste, of a creative identity; luxury makes the bold statement “this is what I am,” not “that depends”– which is what positioning implies. Identity is not divisible, it is not negotiable– it simply is. Luxury is superlative, and not comparative.

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Being unique is what counts

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A beautiful architectural ensemble is getting a new digital home on the worldwide blockchain. The property, with a total area of 162.000sq.m, where approximately 5000sq.m are occupied by buildings, located in the region of Bellagio, Como Lake, is the first major asset in Italy to be tokenized on Blockchain. The property has recently been appraised at more than $15M. 

We believe into the revolutionary power of blockchain, empowering the individual as never before.


The Luxury Real Estate

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The Luxury members will be able to have an overview of the available assets, their features or investment profiles. Further, they will be able to purchase them through a seamless transaction and/or book an experience related to the asset through the calendar function.

Investment is driven by passion

Lowering the entry barriers that exist today

A Private Jet undergoes the procedure of a due diligence to authenticate the asset. The Private Jet is then split up in parts/shares and the associated experience per share is defined.  The result is certified and the individual shares are put on the blockchain to be registered and be tradable thereafter.

What is The Luxury?

The Luxury will be a fractional investment platform set to launch in early 2019. The platform brings potential buyers together to jointly invest in luxury assets.

Because luxury asset prices have risen over the last decade, many people, struggle to afford to get into a luxury lifestyle. By teaming up with other investors, it makes investing more accessible and increases opportunities to make investments into the luxury assets.

How will it work?

A potential co-owner identifies an asset that they’d like to invest in. It can be any of the available assets listed for sale in The Luxury platform – be it Villas, Private Jets, Yachts or Fine Art.

Through The Luxury platform, investors can register to start or join a syndicate for an asset.   A syndicate is what we call the group of people who come together to invest in the asset.

Once the syndicate is started, The Luxury divides the asset into 1000 blocks, each representing a zero point one percent (0.1%) ownership stake.

Investors then reserve the number of blocks they wish to purchase by paying a zero point one percent (0.1%) deposit of their total investment amount.

If all 1000 blocks are not reserved within 31 days, the syndicate closes and anyone who has put down a deposit then gets the option of choosing another syndicate to join.

If all 1000 blocks are reserved, The Luxury will then purchase the asset on the syndicate’s behalf.

Once the asset is purchased, The Luxury will engage a service provider to attend to the conveyance and, upon settlement, the asset will be held in a trust, which all of the investors hold an interest in that is proportionate to the number of blocks they own. An individual trust is created for each asset purchase, so there is no co-mingling of interests. The asset is held by the trust for five (5) years, during which time investors will be paid their potential share of the rent, less fees and expenses, on a quarterly basis. In the case of an Invest & Rent Property syndicate, the person who started the syndicate can also apply to be the property’s tenant. After five (5) years, investors vote to either retain or sell the asset– hopefully at a capital gain. For an Invest & Rent Property syndicate, the minimum investment is 5% percent of the property purchase price, plus costs and stamp duty. The successful applicant will have a 5-year tenancy (subject to terms and conditions).

It sounds like fractional property ownership – which isn’t a new concept, what makes this different?

The Luxury members will be able to have an overview of the available assets, their features or investment profiles. Further, they will be able to purchase them through a seamless transaction and/or book an experience related to the asset through the calendar function.

Sharing the art of living well

Often you don’t get a say in what properties are purchased; the entry point in terms of the amount of money you have to put in is often significantly high and there’s usually one big financial backer like a bank, financial institution or superannuation fund, so you have very little control over your investment.   How much money will you need to become an investor?  You will need a minimum cash deposit equal to 0.1% of the property purchase price, plus costs, which include stamp duty.

So if the price and purchase costs for the house is $1 million, to buy one block (i.e. 0.1%) you’ll need $1000. If you were trying to purchase that same property on your own, just to secure the loan you’d need to have a deposit of up to 20% of the purchase price, which equates to $200,000 (then you need to add purchase costs) – 20x more than the amount you need to start investing in property through The Luxury.

For an Invest & Rent Property syndicate, the minimum investment is 0.5% percent of the property purchase price plus costs, which includes stamp duty – so using the same $1 million example above, that equates to $5000.

Administration Fees

Ongoing,  you pay an annual fee to The Luxury of $75 per block you own, to cover administration costs.  Fees will also apply when transacting your block holdings by either buying or selling a block.

How do I become an investor?

If you want to become a The Luxury, all you will need to do is go to The Luxury platform, register as a member and choose the asset you want to invest in.

You can join an existing syndicate or you can start your own. You can purchase just one block or several blocks – you can purchase as many available blocks as you like.

You can also purchase several blocks across a number of different assets to diversify your portfolio – as well as diversify across various asset classes (Yachts, Properties, Private Jets), anywhere in the world. It depends on how much you want to invest and whether a syndicate can be successfully formed.

For now, The Luxury is inviting pre-registrations from people who may want to become a The Luxury when The Luxury launches in early 2019.  This will give potential investors time to understand the platform and get their own financial advice prior to The Luxury platform going live.

What Stage are we at?

October, 2017 Platform Idea
The origin of The Luxury platform idea. Development of the concept and business plan.
March, 2018 Elaboration of Platform
Market Research Technical Feasibility Assessment
June, 2018 Team Setup
Business Strategy Implementation of the Blockchain Technology
October, 2018 Pre Sales Event
As an investor, you will receive coins directly on the previously confirmed wallet address given us.
April, 2019 Exchange Listing
On top, The Luxury is in advanced talks with two European and one Asian exchanges to list the TLK coins on those serious and reliable platforms. We anticipated TLK Coin being tradable on those exchanges (and more) by the beginning of the year, depending on the capacity of those exchanges to get the required licenses to trade security tokens such as our ours.
April, 2019 Launch of platform
Organizing events in Dubai, New York, London and Singapore
April, 2019 First assets
Purchase of the first assets for the platform and identifying new strategic locations
April, 2019 What are the next steps for The Luxury?
We will work closely in collaboration with our first 200 customers to validate and customize this version in a customer-centric approach. Hence one of our next major milestones is to select among the 300+ volunteers the first group of customers, with whom we will establish a test and learn approach.

iLux Coin Structure

Distributed to Community
Reserved Funding
Founders and Team
«Bounty» campaign

100,000,000 iLux


1 iLux = Determined by the market

Maximum Goal

Hard cap: $50,000,000
Soft cap: $12,000,000

Accepted Currencies

ETH, BTC and Wire Transfer

Token Distribution Date
8th of August 2019
Emission Rate

No new tokens will be created





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